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Cancer Sucks

My NaNoWriMo has ground to a halt this week having lost my brother in law to cancer.  I do plan to pick it up again next week and will extend it into December but in the meantime I wrote this poem.

dealing with cancer
Cancer Sucks

Hancock’s Curse

It’s there inside,

a silent scourge.

Disguised as a native,

empty bamboo,

Breaking down defences,

crowding out life.

Scalpels assault,

gauling reprieve.

Chemical weapons raining down.

Vigorously resprouting,

rooted deep inside.

Unbiased Invader,

colonising my ecosystem.

My Hancock’s curse.


Mephisto’s Child

Let me see you my son
Don’t turn away
Rest in my arms now
I’ll watch while you lay
Learn from my stories
Let me tell you a tale
Of angels on horseback
And a rider on the pale

Let me see you my son
A child of clay
Delighting in mischief
And the games that we play
I reach out my arms
To swing you up high
But you run right through them
Reaching for the sky.

Let me see you my son
A child on the cusp
Full of ideals
Though born of my lust.
A father’s frustration
As his child breaks free
But I’ll be your stalwart
‘til you come back to me.

Let me see you my son
Now that you’re grown
The choices are yours
The seeds have been sown.
I’m proud of you son
Our moments so few
Make the right choice now
I’m waiting for you.

Let me see you my son
Many years have been spent
Your family have grown now
Much you repent.
Endlessly waiting
I’ve watched as you roamed
Grieved as you’ve struggled
And helped you find home.

Let me see you my son
Don’t hide your face
Shame has no place here
Wizened with grace
Alone and unchanging
I watch as you go
My tears turn to ice now
As the morning star glows.

How to write haiku

I’ll be honest, I’ve never really had much time for haiku.  They seemed too simple, childlike almost, until I tried to write one.

I understand the layout of a traditional haiku:-

Creating Haiku,

Five, seven, five syllables.


and I know that I can make it less formal if I choose by altering the number of syllables etc. I know that there should be a format such as:-

First line sets the scene,

subject and action follow,

make it seasonal.


I can create a poem using such a few syllables and some that I actually like.  My struggle is in creating a juxtaposition with so few words.

Beat of rain brings life,

Earthy spirals in his wake.

-Circling predators.


Twinkling starlight,

streaking over rippled sea

-Naglefare’s voyage.


Needs work!


Beauty Is

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Beauty Is not in the eye of the beholder;

It cannot be enhanced with colour,

or obliterated by scars.

It is not created knowingly or lovingly,

but forged in fire.

It cannot be extinguished by blindness.

Cruel words only fan the flames,

causing it to flicker before burning brighter.

It is not fickle or fearful,

age only enhances its charms.

Beauty is not always appreciated;

The harshness of life closes our eyes,

but beauty is indomitable.

It submits to the passage of time,

kneeling, waiting.

It is not found in a reflection;

It cannot be replicated.

But, remove the mask and cast off the falsehoods,

hold strong and listen,

because beauty can become.

Beauty is Laughter.

Beauty is Silence.

Beauty is Innocence.

Beauty is Experience.

Beauty is Pain.

Beauty is Comfort.

Beauty is Overcoming.

Beauty is Submitting.

Beauty is Love.

Beauty is.

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