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Cancer Sucks

My NaNoWriMo has ground to a halt this week having lost my brother in law to cancer.  I do plan to pick it up again next week and will extend it into December but in the meantime I wrote this poem.

dealing with cancer
Cancer Sucks

Hancock’s Curse

It’s there inside,

a silent scourge.

Disguised as a native,

empty bamboo,

Breaking down defences,

crowding out life.

Scalpels assault,

gauling reprieve.

Chemical weapons raining down.

Vigorously resprouting,

rooted deep inside.

Unbiased Invader,

colonising my ecosystem.

My Hancock’s curse.


Beauty Is

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Beauty Is not in the eye of the beholder;

It cannot be enhanced with colour,

or obliterated by scars.

It is not created knowingly or lovingly,

but forged in fire.

It cannot be extinguished by blindness.

Cruel words only fan the flames,

causing it to flicker before burning brighter.

It is not fickle or fearful,

age only enhances its charms.

Beauty is not always appreciated;

The harshness of life closes our eyes,

but beauty is indomitable.

It submits to the passage of time,

kneeling, waiting.

It is not found in a reflection;

It cannot be replicated.

But, remove the mask and cast off the falsehoods,

hold strong and listen,

because beauty can become.

Beauty is Laughter.

Beauty is Silence.

Beauty is Innocence.

Beauty is Experience.

Beauty is Pain.

Beauty is Comfort.

Beauty is Overcoming.

Beauty is Submitting.

Beauty is Love.

Beauty is.

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Developing a love of reading

“…..Then the Lorax and all of his friends may come back!”

As I finished my daughters bedtime story last night, tucked her in and kissed her goodnight I smiled at the simple pleasure of cuddling up together and telling stories; and I began to wonder what it was that cemented my love of reading and whether this is something I’m effectively instilling in my daughter.

My mum was not a great reader but she loved my sister and I fiercely and the pleasure she found from reading wasn’t from personal enjoyment but from seeing our experience of hearing stories for the first time, and from having that one on one time with her children.  As a child I felt safe and secure in my mothers arms as we cuddled up and read stories together about naughty bunnies, flying carpets and sailing boats.  Now as an adult, I still feel a sense of security when I curl up with a good book.

Reading is all about experiences for me, the opportunity to live so many lives without ever leaving your home and I do experience it all, the words creating images, scents and emotions.  I love it all but no matter how powerful or evocative the story, that simple act of first opening a book will always bring me back to my childhood and my mum.